Eligibility Guidelines

Up to 30 students in your classroom
Eligible Classrooms:  Early Childhood Centers, Grades K-12, Higher Education
Grant value: up to $20,000

Additional Information:

- Receiving this educational furniture grant is dependent upon agreeing to the design and installation timeline.
- In order to provide your classroom with this incredible free furniture opportunity, both the educator and school administration must be included in the grant process.
- We cannot at this time offer this opportunity to any school outside of MO or KS.
- The recipient of the Free2Learn Grant must agree to being a lifetime learning partner of F2L.
      (This sounds scarier than it is, we just want to be able to show off your classroom to other educators!)

In the fall of 2019, Jodi was one of the recipients of the inaugural Free2Learn Grant to design a brand new classroom for her and her students. The changes that have come to her classroom allow for safe, comfortable and efficient learning. The newly designed room lends to everything having a purpose and a place, but most importantly, the transformation allows her kids to have ownership of how and where they learn.